Europinion! (6) • Daniel Gould uit Engeland

In de rubriek ‘Europinion!’ laten we mensen aan het woord die graag met een eigen opiniestuk of column willen reageren op datgene wat er zich nu in de media speelt omtrent het songfestival. Dat kunnen liefhebbers van het songfestival zijn en fans, maar net zo goed mensen die hun neus ophalen voor het festival.

Deze week is Daniel Gould uit het Verenigd Koninkrijk aan het woord. Daniel is onder andere werkzaam geweest als journalist voor paardenraces en als consultant voor Betfair. Van het gokken heeft hij nu z’n werk gemaakt. Vorig jaar tijdens de Eurovisie-week in Oslo startte Daniel met een inleg van £165.000 voor verschillende kleinere bets en eindigde met ruim 33% winst, zo’n £220.000,- in totaal. Komende maand gaat hij ook als geaccrediteerde naar Düsseldorf en zal daar voor zijn eigen website Sofabet verslag doen van de potentiële kanshebbers. Maar eerst geeft hij zijn kijk op de Nederlandse inzending ‘Never Alone’ van de 3JS.

• Can the Netherlands reverse their fortunes? •

The Netherlands has failed to reach the Top 12 since the turn of the millennium, and their only qualification since the semi-final system began was in 2004.  Right now they have the worst record in recent Eurovision history. The country has often seemed trapped in a Eurovision timewarp, as their terribly dated and cheesy last two offerings showed. Have the Dutch learnt from their mistakes in sending 3JS with ’Never Alone’? • By: Daniel Gould •

First, the good news. ‘Never Alone’ is a decent number by Eurovision standards. It’s a radio-friendly, midtempo song with plenty of nice little hooks. The lead singer has an interesting voice with an effective, plaintive tone in the high notes that suits the composition. The country’s sole semi qualifier, Re-Union’s ‘Without You’ in 2004, was a similarly gentle number.

Never Alone’ also has the great good fortune of being in the second semi-final, which has plenty of dross. To qualify it has to beat nine songs, and there’s no doubt there are nine worse songs in this heat.

The lack of big hitters in this semi is similarly good news for nations such as The Netherlands which are relatively friendless in televoting terms. The country has just the one ally – Belgium – and this time around they don’t have to compete with the likes of Armenia and Greece, who hoovered up the Belgian 12 and 10 in the 2008 semi.

That year was the last time The Netherlands sent a credible entry. Hind’s ‘Your Heart Belongs To Me’ was an enthnopop song that was compared, often favourably, to the Armenian entry that year. But it fared much worse, and here’s where the bad news starts for 3JS’s chances in 2011.

In part, what did for Hind was bad staging, and this seems to be something of a pattern for The Netherlands. Repeating their mistake from 2007 – Edsilia Rombley’s ‘On Top of the World’ – pointless and poor backing dancers distracted from the song (although Hind’s failure to use the stage or find the camera counted even more).

The staging in 2009 and 2010 also seemed to hinder rather than help, so it has to be a worry what the Netherlands team will come up with for this year – even though ‘Never Alone’ isn’t the kind of song that needs any theatrics. The comparable ‘Without You’ qualified in 2004 with just two blokes with stools and guitars. But even if this lesson is learnt and the staging is an improvement on recent years, a bigger problem lies in wait.

Re-Union were drawn last in that 2004 semi-final. Always helpful, it is especially crucial for a song like ‘Without You’ – as demonstrated by its disastrous showing in the final when it had an early draw.

3JS also have a terrible draw (three) in their semi and, sadly, I think this could prove fatal. Because while ‘Never Alone’ is competent and pleasant, it’s also easily forgettable. 3JS are hardly telegenic, either. Who, apart from the Belgians, is going to remember this inoffensive number by the end of the show?

If the Netherlands are to scrape into the final, therefore, I think they will have to rely on a high jury score. This isn’t impossible – as I say, there are certainly nine worse songs in this heat – but at the same time, I struggle to see the juries going for it in a sufficiently big way. It’s just too bland, and bland is about as damning an adjective as you can apply to a Eurovision song.

So, much as it would be nice to see the Netherlands reverse their disastrous run of recent results by qualifying for the big one, and a fair result as it would be in this semi-final, ultimately I fear it’s not going to happen.

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    Helemaal met deze gast eens. Hij noemt niet het feit dat al vanaf de eerste seconden voor een lied gestemd kan worden, maar in dat systeem geloof ik ook niet echt. Tenzij je Turkije of Armenië bent en aan het einde moet optreden, want dan komen de sms-jes natuurlijk ook al binnen vanaf de eerste minuut van de show.

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    Ben het roerend met deze man eens, die legt de vinger op de zere plek. Mooie website trouwens jongens, ziet er goed uit zo !

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